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Triumph parts for sale, TR3 TR4

Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:52 pm

A 47 year accumulation of Triumph TR3 and TR4 parts is up for sale. My plan is to create lists of like parts and email them to everyone who responds. I am giving VRG folks first dibs and I will post stuff on FOT after. My first list is engine bearings, mains, rods, cam and thrust. The list has pictures and a brief description of the parts along with a price. I may accept offers so let me know if anything is too pricey, or if you think it is worth more than my asking price[/i]. The price of shipping will be added, we can determine best method. Some of the lists that come to mind are: Manuals, TR3 windshield and related parts, engines and internal engine parts, carbs and intake manifolds, distributors, racing parts, transmissions and internal parts, suspension parts, TR4 IRS parts car, 62( I think) basket case (literally) TR4, early TR4 rolling chassis, stock instruments and more.
Contact me via email at spitfire48vrg@gmail.com and I will send lists as I create them.
I live in Hector NY, next town north of Watkins Glen for parts too heavy for shipping, I am open to shipping options as long as all costs are covered.
Carl Stenquist
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