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MAE Ford rods, 105E Anglia cyl head, oil pans, Kent/pre-cros

Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:02 pm

Rods used in MAE /Juniors
no cap bolts. Magged . Six of Cosworth, and two of Holbay. 4.611" + .125' long (standard MAE).
Very good condition, cleaned. Have been resting since the early 70's in cosmoline......all for $275

105E pre-crosflow cylinder head , removed from running motor, all stock valves/ springs, not molested ready for the porter for a 1 liter Ford or MAE. $175

Flywheel, steel 8" diameter 6 bolt 2 dowel 9 1/16" overall dia with 90 tooth ring gear. For MAE or lay over Kent/pre-crossflow. Face cut for 7 1/4" 0.t. clutch. 6.5 pounds. VGCondition $200.

Valve cover CHROME , Kent/pre-crossflow. Very nice no dents. 1 1/2" tube on top for fill/vent. $50

2 each oil pans. Wet sump pre-crossflow early motors with 2 piece rear main rope seal. One has a vertical baffle , the other has no baffle. Good parts . $60 each or both for $95.

I have pix but am not conversant to use them here..I'll try. CONTACT oneandout@att.net. Add shipping from So. Cal.
MAE RODS and PreOil Pan 003.JPG
MAE RODS and PreOil Pan 002.JPG
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