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Wheels/tires for sale

Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:02 pm

I have four 13" x 5-1/2" spridget Revolution wheels with 2-1/2" of backspacing that I would like to sell. They are presently fitted up with a set of Hoosier A70-13 Street TD's dated 03/15.

I bought the wheels and tires from a vintage spridget racer about two years ago to make my Courier a roller when I was modifying the front end and changing from 15" wheels, but they had the wrong backspacing/offset and projected too far out from the wheel openings. I have since purchased a set of VTO wheels correct for my car and do not need these. The wheels have black spokes and AL rims and appear undamaged though a bit rough--the tires have 1/8"-3/16" tread on them. As I said, I bought these from a racer but have never used them except for rolling the Courier around the garage. There is no visible damage but also no warranty!

I'd like to get $300.00 for the set and will be happy to deliver them to VIR this weekend. I am currently loading up and leaving in the morning so call, text or email me today if you want them: 305-793-9467, michael.oritt(at)gmail.com.

Best--Michael Oritt
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