Dry Sump Anyone? ( it's free...)

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Storm Field
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Dry Sump Anyone? ( it's free...)

Post by Storm Field »

Well, I bought this from another racer some time ago for a project that never happened.

Time to clear the shelves and if anyone can make use of it (table lamp base?) am happy to pass it on.

Ian Wisbon
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Re: Dry Sump Anyone? ( it's free...)

Post by Ian Wisbon »

Probably a great time to remind everyone of the silent auction every year at the PIRC weekend of the PVGP.
Earns money for charity, and aside from the room it takes up in the trailer on the way out, one less thing in the shop!

Unfortunately, I can't use this...well, I could. But I really don't *need* to. :lol:
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