2018 Gold Cup at VIR

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2018 Gold Cup at VIR

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A successful weekend of racing at VIR has concluded. Fri & Sat were hot & humid - I was thankful for the cool shirt and the shade that VIR provides at the false grid. A little bit of rain on Friday - then the sun came out just as they waved the checkered flag!
The paddock was very crowded due to the many large Trans-Am teams. There was some grumbling that the vintage cars are being relegated to a side show for the big bucks Trans-Am cars but it is what it is. We paddocked next to the B-Stingers team (yellow MGB) and another friend (red TR3) was next to them.

Corvair was the featured marque. There almost 2 dozen Corvairs racing! Likely a world record. They had their own 'all Corvair' race. Otherwise they were split - the slower ones (closer to stock) ran in our sessions. The faster ones (I think there was even a Crown V8 conversion racing) were in a different session.
Corvairs at VIR.jpg
Corvairs at VIR 2.jpg
Saturday evening (well after racing had ended) was windy & rainy. There were a lot of 'slightly used' canopies for sale Sunday morning... I helped some guys secure their canopies but it was too late for many. The rain & wind stopped about midnight.

Sunday was overcast & much cooler (mid-60's) but no rain. Our group (combined groups 1, 3 & 4) had one session at 4:15 pm. (did I mention that there was some grumbling...?) I think a rear facing camera would have been interesting - the Sprite was almost always within a few car lengths.
Turn Four.jpg
Oak Tree.jpg

And if you have about 20 minutes to waste, here's my in-car video.
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Re: 2018 Gold Cup at VIR

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Good stuff! We had a good time there, too. We actually packed all the cars and canopies away Saturday in fear of that storm; turns out we were right.
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