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VRG Forum Rules (PLEASE READ!)
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Author:  Jim Karamanis [ Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  VRG Forum Rules (PLEASE READ!)

  1. This web forum is provided by the Vintage Racer Group (VRG) as a service to all vintage participants in the region. Subscription to this forum is open to all interested parties -- membership in the VRG is not required.
  2. The purpose of this forum is to facilitate rapid, open communication about topics of widespread interest to vintage racers in the region (northeastern U.S., Mid-Atlantic states, and eastern Canada). We encourage the use of the forum to share information on events of interest such as the Jefferson 500, Pittsburgh VGP, or events sponsored by other organizations.
  3. This is a public forum. The moderators are VRG board members and members in good standing that have been appointed by the VRG board of directors.
  4. We ask that you use this forum responsibly and address others with respect; remember that we are all friends and this is a hobby we pursue for enjoyment.
    1. Stick to topics of widespread interest
    2. Identify yourself in all postings - NO anonymous postings. You must either choose a login / username that identifies you (first and last name) or post your first and last name as part of your signature.
    3. Opinions stated on this forum are those of the writer
    4. Offensive language and personal attacks will not be tolerated
  5. The VRG Board of Directors has authorized the creation of this forum and intends to be actively involved in the discussions.
  6. Subscribers who violate these guidelines will be asked to correct their behavior and may be removed by the forum administrators.

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