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what length for my 1st enclosed trailer?

Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:59 pm

I'm thinking of selling my Trailex open trailer (CT-7541) and getting an aluminum enclosed unit.
Main reasons are: keeping the car out of the weather to/from the track and over-winter car storage.

I only have a smallish mid-size SUV to tow with (an old gas ML350 that my wife didn't want anymore) so weight is a limitation (600lb tongue weight, 7000lbs max tow).

Car: Alfa giulietta spider
Gear: I'm not hauling spare transmissions/motors or a full compliment of tools.

What do you experienced guys recommend as the smallest size?
Interior: 7' or 8'?
Length: my open trailer is a 14' before the v-section. Do any of you use something as short as an 16'?

John Feng

Re: what length for my 1st enclosed trailer?

Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:37 pm


I tow a 16' (behind the V nose) Featherlite aluminum enclosed trailer (with a Mini and scooter) behind a 25' motorhome. Of course the Mini is only 10' long, shorter than your Alfa. But I imagine the Alfa would fit easily, just no room for a scooter. A big temptation with an enclosed trailer is that one tends to keep putting more stuff inside. So you really need to keep an eye one your axle and tongue weights.
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