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Cool suit systems

Fri May 10, 2019 2:39 pm

Racer Parts Wholesale is having a sale on Coolshirt systems. I've never used one, but seems like a good idea and I've been thinking of getting one. I don't anticipate racing in extremely hot weather; frankly, if the forecast is 95 degrees, I'd probably just stay home. But it's pretty warm in a race car even when the ambient is 80, on a sunny day.

)posted this over on the VRG Newsgroup, but thought I'd duplicate it here)

Any advice on the sizes & options for the Coolshirt system?
13 qt or 19 qt cooler? The 19 is only about $15 more, but would take up more space in the cockpit. How long does the 13 qt last on a hot day? Do you have to refill the ice pretty often? Can a 19 qt go all day on one ice fill?
Optional temperature controller (about $250) -- worthwhile? Do you ever get too cold without this? If you don't have the temp controller, can you just shut off the pump if you get too cold?
Cool-a-clava: has anyone used this? How well does it work? I don't wear a balaclava now (no facial hair) and really hate them ... can you use the Cool-a-clava under your helmet without a balaclava?
Pro system with air & water: costs $1400 (compared to $600 for water-only system) ... seems like a lot of money to add cooled air to your helmet. Anyone using this? Is it worth the extra cost?
Shirt: anything unusual to consider on size & color? How do you wash the shirt? Do they shrink? I'm kind of surprised that the shirt is cotton, not Nomex. In the sun, a white garment would be cooler, but it will be covered by the race suit so maybe that's irrelevant and black wouldn't show perspiration stains?
Anything else to consider?

Mark Palmer (yes I DO plan to start racing again soon!)

Re: Cool suit systems

Sat May 11, 2019 9:25 pm

See page 2 for some DIY experience. viewtopic.php?f=23&t=394
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