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Turkey Bowl 2014--Post your contest entry here
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Author:  Michael Oritt [ Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Turkey Bowl 2014--Post your contest entry here

This is the place for you to post your entry for the Turkey Bowl 2014 contest.
Thanks for taking the time to write about why you like/love this event and good luck to all entrants.

Best--Michael Oritt

Original Post From the VRG YahooGroups Email List:

To all of you who have ever attended a past Turkey Bowl event now is your chance to win two free tickets to this year's Turkey Bowl Banquet.

I know it is hard to believe but many fellow racers have never attended a Turkey Bowl! Some folks feel that it must simply be too cold to race. Others are still addicted to watching endless TV football. And many who would like to attend have not yet come up with good enough excuses to get them out of the house and the usual Thanksgiving rituals.

Take a few minutes and tell these poor unfortunates just how great the Turkey Bowl is. Share with them the good times you have had racing with your fellows in the season's finale. Or let them know the magic words you used to induce your spouse and family to let you out of the house for the weekend, or even better what you said that convinced her/them to come along.

The lucky person whose entry is considered to be best by an impartial panel of judges will win two free tickets to this year's Turkey Bowl Banquet on Saturday, November 30 at the Wyndham George Washington Hotel in Winchester VA.

There are no specific guidelines but you are encouraged to make your message unique and descriptive. Feel free to tell about the great racing you experienced, how wonderfully you drove and how well you finished--we do NOT do timing or keep records of past race results. Humor always helps and while honesty is not required it might be advisable lest your buddies correct you!

The rules are pretty simple:

1. Write your entry and hit "reply" to this message so that it will be posted to the emailer group--do NOT send your entry to me as it must go to VRG email list in order to be eligible.

2. Then copy and post your submission to this link which will result in its appearing on the VRG forum:


The winner will be announced a week or so prior to the event and his or her entry will be recognized and he/she will be invited/required to read it at the Banquet.

Good luck to all and get your entry in early as originality counts and there is only so much baloney to go around.

Best--Michael Oritt
Event Coordinator

Author:  Mark Palmer [ Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Turkey Bowl 2014--Post your contest entry here

There is really no good reason to go to this event, unless you simply enjoy having fun with old sports cars and old friends. It is vintage racing the way it used to be, 20 years ago: a much more casual, relaxed affair where the most dedicated (crazy?) vintage racers bring out their cars for one last run, purely for fun. No timing & scoring (although we do run in race format and throw the checker on the race winner) ... a relatively cold track, so you certainly won't set a personal best at Summit Point ... occasional weather-related challenges (but historically we have had fine weather most years) ... and the premier award of the weekend is a $10 talking turkey. You might call it "vintage vintage racing", the way it used to be before the mega-events and the big haulers and the $20k race engines came along -- and it is still my favorite event of the year.

It's the unique camaraderie that makes all the difference. It is unlike any other vintage event on the calendar. It's small (in terms of entry) and a lot of people hang out in the classroom, so by the end of the weekend you will feel like you have met and gotten to know most of the other drivers. TB has by far the best dinner of any vintage event, anywhere -- it's almost elegant, but I hesitate to use that word because there's no need to dress up (Tivvy is always in his usual jeans) and it's really not expensive.

This is the only event that my wife, Janet, attends every single year. We stay in Winchester (the George Washington Hotel is lovely and right next to the charming downtown area), and Janet usually sticks around Winchester on Friday and finds some unique Christmas gifts in some of the nearby shops. GNC Antiques is a nice shop on the southern end of town. There are numerous excellent restaurants for Friday night, all walkable from the hotel, and you can always find a big gang of vintage racers at the Cork Street Tavern. If your spouse/sig other is looking for more things to do, the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley is interesting, and there are numerous other historic sites (Civil War and other) including the home of Patsy Cline.

OK so full disclosure: I'm probably biased, I've been EC of this event in past years both during the VSCCA era and the VRG era. It's now in the capable hands of Michael Oritt and team, and the identity of the event and the traditions remain strong. The smile on my face lasts longer after this event than any other!

Mark Palmer

Author:  Sam Smith [ Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Turkey Bowl 2014--Post your contest entry here

Hi All,

Turkey will always be special to me. Mark Palmer allowed me to participate in my first actual wheel to wheel race; Turkey Bowl 1999....the first of eleven Turkey Bowls for "Luigi", my 60 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce #173 and me. The very best for me has been the times my family and friends have been there to share the experience. But, there are so many wonderful memories being at Summit Point instead of "Black Friday" shopping centers:

The reaction at the Middletown Bar the first time "Tom the Talking Turkey" made an appearance.

More often then not, the Chamber of Commerce beautiful final day of the season Sunday weather.
The Sunday afternoon that a dozen wild Turkey's passed in front of me leaving Summit Point....they were safe and so was I

The wonderful feeling of shared, relaxed good times as guys and gals would throw a wave "out there" in a no points no trophies no timing and scoring "having a go". But yes it is still RACING

I hope Turkey Bowl continues on for many years to come. Please come and enjoy a nice easy weekend

Best regards,

Sam Smith

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